President Donald Trump

NationalElection Results
Donald J. Trump  (R)
304 Electoral Votes
Hilary R. Clinton (D)
227 Electoral Votes
President Trump won 30 states plus an electoral college
vote from the State of Maine.

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2016 Election Results

President & Vice President
(R) Donald J. Trump
Michael Pence
(D) Hillary Clinton
Tim Kaine

United States Senate
(R) Dan Carter -1,493
(D) Richard Blumenthal -2,134
Representative in Congress
(R) Daria Novak -1,412
(D) Joe Courtney -2,159
(G) Jonathan Pelto -52
State Senator - 33rd
(R) Art Linares -2,245
(D) Norm Needleman -1,433
State Representative -23rd
(R) Devin Carney -1,183
State Rep. - 35th Dis.
(R) Jesse MacLachlan -1,407
(D) Ellen Dahlgren -694
Registrar of Voters
(R) Nancy Moore -2,644
(D) Colin Bennet -4