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  1. A Bad Decision to Ban Alex Jones
    Rich Lowry, National Review
    Alex Jones doesn't represent anything new in this country. We've always had our share of paranoid crackpots.
  2. An Easy Way to Lower the Trade Deficit
    Stephen Moore, Investor's Business Daily
  3. Trump's Victorious Retreats
    Anatole Kaletsky, Project Syndicate
    Why does US President Donald Trump keep making empty threats against other countries? While his detractors think he is simply a braggart, a fool, and an ignoramus, there could be a less unflattering, though equally depressing, explanation.
  4. Alex Jones, the 1st Amendment & the Digital Public Square
    Steve Coll, New Yorker
  5. Dems Out to Sabotage Middle Class on Healthcare
    Betsy McCaughey, New York Post
  6. Trump's War on Regulation Is Trickle-Down Economics
    Robert Reich, Am. Prospect
  7. Trump's Sabotage of Obamacare Is Illegal
    Nicholas Bagley & Abbe Gluck, New York Times
  8. Media Ignores Trump's Success on World Stage
    Tony Shaffer, Detroit News
  9. How Can I Cure My Massive White Guilt?
    Strayed & Almond, New York Times
    The thing about privilege is that it can be used for good.
  10. The Left Is After Christian Baker Jack Phillips - Again
    Tyler O'Neil, PJ Media
    The commission is again going after Phillips for declining to create a custom cake — this time a cake celebrating transgenderism.
  11. The Catholic Church's Rotherham
    Michael Brendan Dougherty, National Review
    If the Church cannot govern itself from within, it will be governed from without.
  12. The Courage of Afghan Pop Star Aryana Sayeed
    Susanne Koelbl, Der Spiegel
    Aryana Sayeed, 33, is the only internationally known pop act in Afghanistan. She is adored by youth -- and hunted by the Taliban.
  13. No Sympathy for a Lying Press
    Eddie Scarry, Washington Examiner
    It’s difficult to take the media’s claims about attacks on the press seriously when they’re constantly gaslighting the country. In just two weeks, the national media have completely stripped the word “racist” from any meaning by giving it every meaning.
  14. Trump Is Plenty Racist Without the N-Word
    Karen Tumulty, Washington Post
    It is often said of President Trump that he is careless in his use of language.
  15. Bruce Ohr's Emerging Pivotal Role in Spygate
    Margot Cleveland, The Federalist
    Reporting on Bruce Ohr suggests DOJ and FBI employees operated outside the chain-of-command and concealed evidence from congressional oversight committees.