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  1. When Children Say They're Trans
    Jesse Singal, The Atlantic
    Hormones? Surgery? The choices are fraught, and there are no easy answers.
  2. Harvard's Secret System to Avoid 'Too Many Asians'
    Rich Lowry, New York Post
    The Harvard University admissions process appears to be an ongoing micro-aggression against Asian-Americans.
  3. Trump's Backwards Interpretation of the IG Report
    Scott Lemieux, The Week
    Trump claims the inspector general's report about the FBI vindicates him. That's completely absurd.
  4. What It's Like to Be Caught Up in the Russia Witch Hunt
    J.D. Gordon, USA Today
    The principles of the Salem witch hunts still apply today. Despite slim evidence, Donald Trump's team has already been found guilty in public.
  5. The Donald Trump Negotiations Academy
    Caroline Glick, Jerusalem Post
    We didn’t learn this week whether North Korea will give up its nuclear weapons. Only time will tell. But we did learn that US President Donald Trump knows how to negotiate.
  6. Trump's Deal With Kim Is Far From Closed
    David Ignatius, Washington Post
    But as the Great Dealmaker should know, it's important to read the fine print. And after a week's reflection, the Singapore joint communique, for all the dramatic television coverage that surrounded it, looks like what real-estate mavens sometimes call a "conditional offer."
  7. Here Are the Photos Under Obama the Media Won't Show You
    Benny Johnson, DC
    The media and political class become more and more outraged over the Trump administration’s decision to detain and prosecute immigrants illegally crossing the border.
  8. Trump's Small Hostages
    Frank Bruni, New York Times
    Why don’t we call the terrified children whose incarceration is riveting the country what they are at this point? Not migrants. Not detainees. Not pawns, although that comes closest to the mark. They’re hostages.
  9. What We Want Is a Safe, Lawful System of Immigration
    Jeff Sessions, USA Today
    We don’t want to separate parents from kids.
  10. The Fall of James Brien Comey
    Byron York, The Spectator
    Under investigation and with his own reputation in question, the former FBI director is no longer the reliable, trustworthy source he once seemed.
  11. 'Zero-Tolerance' Policy Is Immoral, Un-American--and Ineffective
    Jeh Johnson, WP
    My wife and I spent Mother’s Day in 2014 at a U.S. Border Patrol center in McAllen, Tex. The facility had been built for single adults, but it looked like a crude day-care center flooded with children.
  12. Dems Have Zero Tolerance for Illegal Immigration Solution
    David Harsanyi, Federalist
    While family separation is callous, it's existence doesn't excuse the Democrats' refusal to do anything about illegal immigration.
  13. WTF Happened to Hollywood?
    James Rosen, Washington Examiner
    With his performance at the Tony Awards Sunday night, Robert De Niro, America’s most prominent Method actor, took that final step downward and became Jake LaMotta.
  14. Bahrain's Hezbollah Problem Is a U.S. Problem Too
    Abdullah bin Rashid Al Khalifa, RCP
    Hezbollah is spreading not so much as a physical presence but as an ideology that is winning militant backers. As a result, its actions must be recognized as a global threat that warrant an international response.
  15. Robert De Niro Said What We're All Thinking
    Michelangelo Signorile, HuffPost
    If the actor is making people pro-Trump, they were already pro-Trump.

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