1. NRCC Statement on ME-02 Primary

    Please see the following statement from the NRCC regarding the primary result in ME-02: “Jared Golden is the Nancy Pelosi of Maine. He spent his time in the state legislature pushing a radical liberal agenda that included tax increases and... Read More

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  2. 6 Months of Historic Economic Prosperity

    6 months ago, Congress passed the first major reform on our nation’s tax code since 1986. The historic legislation, now signed into law, has changed the course of history for the United States. Under tax reform, businesses large and small... Read More

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  3. please help me understand

    Politico reported this morning that a slew of Democrat candidates are not supporting Nancy Pelosi. Included in this list is Brendan Kelly. This is a real head-scratcher, given that Brendan Kelly has campaigned with Pelosi….in person. Not only did he... Read More

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  4. that’s not how this works…

    The Nancy Pelosi-funded DCCC and House Majority PAC spent millions of dollars propping up Democrat Gil Cisneros in the primary for California’s 39th District. Now that he scraped through the primary with Pelosi’s help, Cisneros is changing his tune –... Read More

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  5. NRCC Names Dan David to “On the Radar” Status

    WASHINGTON – Today the NRCC announced the addition of Dan David in PA-04 to ‘On the Radar’ status within the NRCC’s ‘Young Guns’ program. To be included in the program, Republican candidates must meet specific goals throughout the cycle to... Read More

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  6. the latest in NJ-11

    Just beneath the surface of her carefully crafted image, Mikie Sherrill is still for the same far-left agenda pushed by Governor Phil Murphy. Sherrill supports Murphy’s latest budget proposal, which imposes $1.6 billion in additional taxes on New Jersey families... Read More

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  7. Matt Cartwright’s record

    Matt Cartwright’s latest vote shows just how painfully out of touch he is with his district. By voting against the Stop the Importation and Trafficking of Synthetic Analogues Act: Cartwright voted against making it easier to ban synthetic drugs Voted... Read More

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  8. not what you expected?

    Campaign finance reports reveal Juanita Perez-Williams’ support is coming from two places: Her own wallet and Nancy Pelosi. According to local reports: Perez-Williams has raised $106,881 since Washington Democrats recruited her $30,000 of that came from a personal loan $33,000... Read More

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  9. Putting an End to the Opioid Crisis

    Every 12.5 minutes, an American life is claimed by the opioid epidemic. To date, more than 2 million American lives have been lost to this crisis. And it doesn’t stop there. According to one study, an “increased dose of opioids... Read More

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  10. nice bling! 💰

    It’s not surprising to see Democrats railing against billionaires and corporations in campaign advertisements. But it is surprising to see them do it with a $9,000 Rolex strapped to their wrist… Via the Washington Examiner: “While time is money, voters might... Read More

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