1. Maloney’s baloney

    In case you missed it, Sean Patrick Maloney voted to kill the farm bill in committee today. How does he square that vote after making previous statements like this? Sean Patrick Maloney: Farmers in the Hudson Valley work hard every... Read More

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  2. Two-faced Tom

    Tom O’Halleran has been on a roll lately – continuing his streak of offering gauzy words about bipartisanship, then surrendering his voting card to Nancy Pelosi and falling in line with the San Francisco liberals running his party. Today’s vote... Read More

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  3. lipstick and pigs

    Generally speaking, when you think “champion of the farming community” does your mind automatically go to San Fran liberal Nancy Pelosi? No? Then why is Collin Peterson taking his marching orders from her on the Farm Bill? April 9: Pelosi... Read More

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  4. blowhard

    Brendan Kelly may not be in Washington, but he’s trying really hard to act like a typical politician. His campaign is already embroiled in contradictions. Counterfeit Kelly claims to be bipartisan:  “I think we are at a point in our... Read More

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  5. Andy Kim caught in another lie

    Andy Kim’s lies continue to pile up. First it was the widening scandal stemming from Kim claiming a special tax break on his Washington, D.C. condo after he registered and voted in New Jersey. Now he’s trying to rewrite history... Read More

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  6. DCCC vs. grassroots

    Grab your popcorn – the Washington establishment is going to war with the grassroots in yet another divisive Democratic primary. In the left corner: The Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee recruited and just endorsed failed mayoral candidate Juanita Perez Williams. This... Read More

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  7. can’t help it

    In Texas’ Seventh Congressional District, the DCCC just can’t help themselves when it comes to repeatedly stepping in it. First, they published opposition research on Laura Moser before the primary, a move that backfired so badly it propelled her to... Read More

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  8. Good morning, Doctor Tran

    First the DCCC fell in love with Mai Khanh Tran. They convinced her to run in a district she didn’t live in, talked her up to Nancy Pelosi and the rest of the Washington establishment, and helped her get national... Read More

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  9. NRCC Adds Steve Toft to ‘Young Guns’ Program

    The National Republican Congressional Committee today announced the addition of Steve Toft in WI-03 as an “On the Radar” candidate for its Young Guns program. To be included in the program, Republican candidates must meet specific goals throughout the cycle... Read More

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  10. The Company You Keep

    San Francisco liberal billionaire Tom Steyer announced he is spending $1 million to flip North Carolina’s 9th and 13th district. Read: Steyer is spending to elect Pelosi-picked Democrats Dan McCready and Kathy Manning. In case you forgot, here’s a little... Read More

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