1. Cuomo’s anti-American comment

    In the middle of an attack on President Trump today, Cuomo made his feelings about America known. “We’re not going to make America great again, it was never that great,” Cuomo said. Elected officials from across the state are denouncing... Read More

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  2. NRCC Adds Bryan Steil To Young Guns “Contenders”

    WASHINGTON – The NRCC today added Bryan Steil in WI-01 to its Young Guns “Contenders” phase–the second tier of the Young Guns program. To be included, Republican candidates must meet specific goals throughout the cycle to ensure their campaigns are able to... Read More

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  3. NRCC Releases New Video: The Cost Is Too High

    WASHINGTON – The NRCC today released a new web video, “The Cost Is Too High,” which exposes the cost of Democrats’ single-payer healthcare plan—$32.6 Trillion according to experts. “Single-payer healthcare would cripple the American middle class,” said NRCC Communications Director Matt Gorman.... Read More

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  4. NRCC Statement on WI-01 Primary Results

    As you cover Wisconsin’s 1st Congressional District primary, please consider using the following statement: You’d need a Boeing 747 to fit all of the baggage Randy Bryce is carrying into November. The only thing longer than his rap sheet is the number... Read More

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  5. D-Day

    Kim Schrier needs a reality check. In a recent Washington State Indivisible podcast, Schrier compared her decision to run for office to storming the beaches of Normandy in World War II or participating in a sit-in during the civil rights... Read More

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  6. question for Malinowski

    Tom Malinowski refuses to denounce one of his top advisors at Human Rights Watch after he was suspended for collecting Nazi memorabilia while investigating the tactics of the Israel Defense Forces. Malinowski was the Washington Advocacy Director for Human Rights... Read More

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  7. Man in the Mirror

    Hypocrite [hip–uh-krit]: a person who pretends to have virtues, moral or religious beliefs, principles, etc., that he or she does not actually possess, especially a person whose actions belie stated beliefs. See also: Gil Cisneros A new report shows that... Read More

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  8. astroturf

    New, from the campaign that brought you “I made a staffer impersonate a doctor in my campaign advertisement…” Ann Kirkpatrick has been featuring young ‘voters’ and their glowing endorsements on her campaign social media. What she failed to disclose? They... Read More

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  9. is this a joke?

    Just one day after Nancy Pelosi told candidates to do whatever they need to in order to win, Kathy Manning released an ad in which she vows to oppose Nancy Pelosi as Speaker. … Is this a joke? Not only... Read More

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  10. NRCC Statement on Kim Schrier Becoming WA-8 Democratic Nominee

    As you’re writing stories on Kim Schrier becoming the Democratic nominee in Washington’s Eighth District, please consider the following statement for inclusion: “Kim Schrier is an out-of-touch limousine liberal whose Seattle-style politics are wrong for the Eighth District. Washington families have a... Read More

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