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  1. Claire McCaskill is bad at Twitter

    Fresh off getting mocked by Mizzou fans everywhere for an erroneous tweet about Memorial Stadium last week, McCaskill was back at it again this afternoon with a forced meme attempting to call her opponent, Attorney General Josh Hawley an “elitist.” Twitter users were quick to point out the hilarity of a mega-millionaire who owns a […]

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  2. Weekly Rundown

    NRSC Weekly Rundown: more tax ads, #NationalHighFiveDay, tax cut benefits keeping coming and more! And here’s this week’s edition of the NRSC Weekly Rundown: #TaxDay: The NRSC re-upped tax-focused digital ads, which have been a part of a five-figure digital campaign, currently running in the ten 2018 states won by President Trump with Democrat incumbents, as well as Arizona and […]

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  3. Manchin donors lay off West Virginians

    Joe Manchin’s favorite Big Pharma firm, Mylan, announced today that it was laying off 15% of the workforce at its Morgantown plant. But while the company is giving pink slips to its workers, Joe Manchin continues to cash their campaign checks. Manchin was the beneficiary of at least $51,250 in donations from Mylan executives in […]

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  4. Hanoi Jacky?

    Jacky Rosen is headed to another Hollywood fundraiser today. This time, she’ll be hobnobbing with communist propagandist and admitted traitor Jane Fonda. Rosen’s appearance with Fonda, who earned the nickname ‘Hanoi Jane’ after visiting North Vietnam to criticize the US during the height of the Vietnam War, tells Nevadans everything they need to know about her […]

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  5. Every Day is National High Five Day when You’re High Five Heidi Heitkamp!

    While today is National High Five Day, Senator Heidi Heitkamp celebrated back in January when she gave a big high five to her DC boss, Minority Leader Chuck Schumer, after voting against North Dakotans. Immediately after Sen. Heitkamp voted against banning abortions after 5-months, Sen. Schumer was sure to give her a high five, celebrating her […]

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  6. how will High Five Heidi celebrate!?

    Today’s a big day for Heidi Heitkamp, as it’s National High Five Day! Heitkamp, of course, gained national attention after she celebrated voting against banning late-term abortions by high fiving Chuck Schumer, which earned her the nickname High Five Heidi. High Five Heidi’s sickening vote on the 5-month abortion ban wasn’t the only time she’s […]

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  7. can I get a fact check?

    After criticizing Republican tax relief for months and vowing to repeal the tax cuts aiding thousands of Nevadans, Jacky Rosen attempted to reverse course yesterday, tweeting that she “never supported repealing middle class tax cuts.” Rosen’s blatant lie should concern Nevada voters. Not only can Nevadans not trust Jacky Rosen to protect the tax cuts […]

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  8. Beverly Hills. That’s where Joe wants to be!

    Embattled Democrat Senator Joe Manchin is out with his first TV ad of the cycle, putting on his folksy “Washington sucks” act. But when you take a look at who’s funding those ads, it’s clear that it’s not West Virginians who are interested in keeping Manchin in office. Manchin’s first quarter campaign finance report shows […]

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  9. Bredesen joins Pelosi & Schumer

    Despite a concerted effort to hide his liberal views with phony moderate rhetoric, Tennesseans got a good look at exactly who Phil Bredesen is during a recent interview with the New York Times. Bredesen delighted liberal readers of the Times as he criticized President Trump’s plans to build a wall, and joined Nancy Pelosi and […]

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  10. Get a Grip, Sen. Baldwin

    Have you seen Tammy Baldwin’s “cheesy” new ad this week? If you missed it, check it out because it spectacularly shows how desperate Senator Baldwin has become to revamp her deeply unpopular image in the state – and just how endangered her seat has become for the Democrats. In the new spot, Senator Baldwin goes […]

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