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  1. Sen. Baldwin Admits She Didn’t Speak Up On Family Separation Under Obama

    On CNN just now, Senator Tammy Baldwin gave one painful interview where she sputtered, dodged and couldn’t find a single answer for why she didn’t speak up on family separation during the Obama administration. CNN’s Brooke Baldwin asked Senator Baldwin flat out about her lack of action. “So many people are outraged by the cages, […]

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  2. Claire McCaskill is lying to you again

    Claire McCaskill tried to deflect attention away from her family’s investments in a Cayman Islands hedge fund by pointing to her support for the Stop Tax Haven Abuse Act. Only problem? McCaskill pulled her support for that bill all the way back in 2011. The Free Beacon reports that while McCaskill did cosponsor the legislation […]

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  3. Rosen exposed for lying about resume

    Jacky Rosen was put on blast after getting caught lying about her resume – the same dishonesty that has sank other careers including those of Montana Senator John Walsh, House candidate Jon Ossoff and Yahoo CEO Scott Thompson. The Las Vegas Review Journal detailed Rosen’s bogus claim that she has a degree in computers writing: […]

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  4. 600 in 6

    Today marks the six month anniversary of the passage of the historic GOP tax cuts. Within the short time since its passage, Americans are already feeling the benefits from wage increases, new jobs and bigger paychecks. Here’s how the GOP tax cuts have made a difference for hardworking families: In just the 6 months since […]

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  5. Tester exposed for dark money lies

    Senator Jon Tester is coming under fire in a new report in Politico that exposes Tester’s hypocrisy on dark money and campaign finance reform. The issue was first raised in an ad released by the National Republican Senatorial Committee which showed in detail how Tester, in secret, carefully tiptoes around the legal restrictions on working […]

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  6. McCaskill’s tax haven

    A new report from the Kansas City Star shows that Claire McCaskill and her husband have invested at least a million dollars in a hedge fund based in the Cayman Islands, a notorious tax haven for the ultra-wealthy. While McCaskill claims she and her husband have paid all the taxes they owe, she refuses to […]

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  7. Will Sinema show up for work this week?

    With a big week of votes on opioids and border security planned in the House this week, the big question is whether Kyrsten Sinema will even bother to show up for work. Kyrsten Sinema has made running for higher office such a priority that she’s all but abandoned her responsibilities to Arizona’s 9th Congressional District. […]

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  8. 🚨Flip-Flop Alert🚨

    This morning, Bill Nelson’s recent flip-flop on a judicial nomination was ripped apart in the press. Bill Nelson’s party loyalty was on full display when he voted against a judge—he personally recommended—to please Democratic Party leader Chuck Schumer…on the exact same day Schumer’s liberal super PAC released a new ad helping Nelson’s struggling campaign. On […]

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  9. Divorced from reality

    Senator Tammy Baldwin released a new video today where she tries to cozy up to President Trump on “Buy America” legislation, even going as far as to brag that he supports it “100%.” The liberal Senator from Madison releasing an ad that touts President Trump after spending every moment of the last two years fighting […]

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  10. economic confidence on the rise

    Another day and another report is out showing the GOP tax cuts are helping Americans across the country. The University of Michigan’s consumer-sentiment index has shown a steep spike in the economic confidence of lower-income Americans. The report shows that the lower third of American income earners have seen an 11.4 point spike in optimism in the […]

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