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  1. TRUMP: To drain the swamp, defeat Tester

    In President Trump’s third visit to Big Sky Country, the President made the perfect case for why it’s time for Montanans to retire Jon Tester. “If you want to drain the swamp, you must defeat the Democrats, and you must defeat Senator Jon Tester,” the President said. In the rally, President Trump tore into Tester […]

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  2. Cramer trounces Heitkamp in 1st debate

    At the first North Dakota Senate debate, voters saw firsthand why Kevin Cramer has a commanding lead in the polls over Heidi Heitkamp. Heitkamp stumbled through excuses for why she has abandoned North Dakotans on the issues most important to them, voting against Justice Kavanaugh, opposing President Trump and supporting sanctuary cities. Meanwhile, Kevin Cramer […]

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  3. McCaskill falls flat in second debate

    Claire McCaskill continued to struggle as she desperately ran away from her liberal record in tonight’s debate. It’s clear from her performance McCaskill knows her career in politics is in serious jeopardy as Missourians have become aware of her record of selling out their values on everything from taxes to the Supreme Court. In contrast, […]

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  4. fake conservative fakes chopping wood

    By now you’ve probably seen Mexico Joe Donnelly’s Veep-esque TV ad where he “chops” wood and pretends to be a conservative. Turns out Mexico Joe’s wood chopping is as fake as his phony conservative record. As anyone who’s been paying attention knows, Mexico Joe is a liberal on taxes, voting no on the Trump-Pence tax […]

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  5. *Things Kyrsten Sinema Has Actually Said*

    WARNING: ⚠️ You might want to shield the kids from hearing this stuff! ⚠️ We’ve been having a hard time keeping up with the almost daily videos surfacing of Rep. Kyrsten Sinema denigrating Arizona. Here’s a rundown of her irresponsible and insulting comments she made about the state she’s ironically running to work for. While […]

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  6. 😂 😂 “Proud Arizonan” 😂 😂

    Kyrsten Sinema must be worried about all the footage that’s surfaced of her bashing Arizonans. In a truly bizarre interview on talk radio with Mac and Gaydos, Sinema bewilderingly admitted it’s “hard” for her stay she’s a “proud Democrat” and tried to explain it away by saying she’s a “proud Arizonan.” Proud Arizonan… yeah ok. To recap: […]

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  7. he’s over it

    Well, we can’t say we’re shocked but Bill Nelson appears to be over helping Floridians recover from Hurricane Michael and is back on the campaign trail trying to save his taxpayer-funded job. Bill Nelson told the Tampa Bay Times, “I’m going to campaign. I’ve spent the last week in the Panhandle in those storm ravaged […]

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  8. Trump: Tester “worse than the Democrat mob”

    Hours before his visit to Montana this evening, President Trump tore into Senator Tester on Twitter for his false smear campaigns and blatant obstruction in Washington saying Senator Tester is “worse than the Democrat Mob” and in “big trouble in the Great State of Montana.” Trump noted Tester’s “vicious” efforts to smear Admiral Ronny Jackson, […]

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  9. Nelson to blame

    Bill Nelson is taking a lot of heat for backing out of the CNN debate with Governor Scott. Today, The Tampa Bay Times blasted him for the decision, laying the blame squarely at his feet. Just look at this tweet from the TBT’s political editor:   Unfortunately for Bill, no one is buying his absurd excuses […]

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  10. where is Joe?

    As West Virginia’s pro-life community comes together this evening to rally for Amendment 1, Joe Manchin is still nowhere to be found. Manchin claims to be pro-life, but he has refused to tell West Virginians where he stands on this important referendum. And it’s just the latest example of Manchin’s actions not living up to […]

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