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  1. Heidi’s tax lie and cover-up

    Despite being called out for spreading lies about the GOP’s plan to cut taxes for North Dakota families and businesses, Senator Heidi Heitkamp has yet to correct the record for her constituents. Heitkamp’s initial lie was detailed a week ago, yet Heitkamp still hasn’t issued a statement admitting her mistake. Heitkamp released an email to […]

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  2. Casey to PA: Your votes don’t matter

    Bob Casey continued his bizarre lurch to the far left yesterday, as he joined some of the most extreme members of the Democratic Party in calling for President Trump’s resignation. Casey has become increasingly outspoken in his liberalism since the 2016 election saw Pennsylvanians vote for President Trump and Senator Pat Toomey, leading folks to […]

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  3. Bredesen readies to reject President Trump’s agenda

    Despite announcing his campaign for U.S. Senate just a few days ago, Phil Bredesen is already promising to fall in line with Washington Democrats and their futile quest to block President Trump’s agenda at every turn. In a recent interview, Bredesen admitted his plans to reject President Trump’s agenda saying, “I do not think Senators […]

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  4. Heitkamp needs to clarify her lies

    After getting called out for lying about the Senate tax bill, Heidi Heitkamp and her office engaged in a cover-up to pretend like it never happened. In a desperate attempt to defend her vote for higher taxes, Heitkamp released faulty data about the effects of the Senate’s tax plan. Rather than correcting the record, Heitkamp […]

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  5. Sinema &, part 2

    Kyrsten Sinema’s friends at the Arizona Democratic Party have yet to donate the $40,000 they received from, the website accused of knowingly running ads promoting sex trafficking. Considering her history with the website, isn’t it time Sinema weighed in? Earlier this year, Sinema was in the hot seat for accepting over $10,000 in campaign cash […]

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  6. does an accused felon speak for Senate Dems?

    Last week Chuck Schumer, in his infinite wisdom, appointed accused felon Bob Menendez to the tax relief conference committee. The committee will be meeting today at 2:00pm and so far, we haven’t heard a peep of dissent from their fellow Senate Democrats. Menendez, who is still facing several felony counts, including bribery, fraud, conspiracy and other corruption […]

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  7. Minnesotans deserve better

    If newly appointed Senator Tina Smith plans to be anything other than a bridge to whomever Minnesotans elect to fill Senator Al Franken’s seat, she is going to be sorely disappointed. While it has been reported Smith intends to run for the vacant seat in next year’s special election, the last thing Minnesotans want is […]

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  8. NRSC Chairman Cory Gardner’s Statement on the Alabama Special Election Results

    WASHINGTON – NRSC Chairman Cory Gardner made the following statement regarding the results of the Alabama special election: “Tonight’s results are clear – the people of Alabama deemed Roy Moore unfit to serve in the U.S. Senate,” said NRSC Chairman Cory Gardner. “I hope Senator-elect Doug Jones will do the right thing and truly represent Alabama by choosing […]

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  9. Phil’s reality check

    As 74-year-old politician Phil Bredesen reenters the political scene, he’s quickly realizing how toxic the Democrat brand has become in Tennessee since he last ran. In a recent interview about his Senate campaign, Bredesen admitted as much saying, “I’ll be honest: If I ran for this office saying, ‘I’m a Democrat, vote for me because I’m […]

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  10. ICYMI: Who really owns Manchin’s hotels?

    Joe Manchin and his shady business partners have done nothing to clarify their tangled web of tax-evading hotel deals, and the lender at the center of their financial problems is losing patience. Last week, Mountain Blue’s main creditor submitted the original operating agreement for the company, which lists AA Property, an LLC owned by Manchin […]

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